Today we are talking about lemons, lemon juice is one of the best natural cleaners, high in citric acid making them great for cutting through dirt and grease, lemons also possess antibacterial proprieties and they smell nice to boot.

Below you will find 7 tips and tricks to clean your home with one of natures best cleaners.

Warning: When cleaning with acidic products including lemons its always best to do a spot test first. Please refrain from cleaning items that are brass plated or natural stone as the lemon juice will damage the object. so please bare this in mind.

Now that’s been said on to the tips.

1. Make your fridge smell fresh

Does your fridge smell a bit when you open the doors? A simple solution for this is to place half a lemon on a saucer, uncovered in the fridge this will control and eliminate those icky fridge smells.

2. Brighten up your sinks

We live in a hard water area, so we constantly get hard water build-up on our taps, we found, if you add some lemon juice to a spray bottle and give the affected areas a good spray, then wait between 10 and 15 minutes before wiping the lemon juice off, works wonders.

3. Steam clean your microwave

We have all been there cooking something in the microwave to cook, mainly beans in my case and they explode, leaving a once clean microwave, a little worse for wear and if like me decide to leave the microwave cleaning til the morning you end up with caked-on bean juice for example. Instead of scrubbing away, next time why not pop a bowl of water and some fresh lemon juice into the microwave leave for 3 to 5 minutes for the water to boil, then leave for a further 5 minutes (keep door closed) while the steam does its job, open the door up remove the bowl and wipe over the inside walls, begone caked on bean juice!

4. Remove rust from your items

Ah rust, who doesn’t love a bit of rust, hey? Well there’s a simple solution for your rust woes all you need to do is make up a paste with lemon juice and salt, scrub away at the the areas touched by rust to brighten them back up. Lovely Jubbly!

5. Polish tarnished copper

Copper pans looks so nice don’t they? But unfortunately they can tarnish and become unsightly, clean them over with some lemon juice to bring that nice copper shine back, lemon juice also works wonders on copper-bottomed pans and copper fixtures and fittings.

6. Streak-free windows

We mentioned before in 5 Cleaning Tips with Vodka that vodka was a good glass cleaner now its the lemons turn to make your glass shine, all you need to do is mix up some lemon juice and water pour into a spray bottle and clean away, use it on mirrors, windows or any glass around your home for a streak-free finish.

7. Give your dishwasher an extra boost

Give you dishwasher a helping hand with some mighty lemons. Just fill a dishwasher-safe container with a few lemon wedges or a cup of lemon juice, set the container on the top shelf and run the dishwasher as normal for nice clean and shiny crockery – and as a bonus you get a lovely lemony smell.

Next time you pull out that harsh chemical cleaner maybe spare a thought for the lemon you have just sitting there.

Have you used any of these tips or have more to share please do leave a comment below, hope you enjoyed reading 8 things you can clean with lemons.