Following on from another post we done – 10 Home Cleaning Hacks. We decided to give you some cleaning tips using Vodka.

When we mean cleaning with vodka, we don’t mean drinking the vodka and doing the cleaning.

Whether your going sober for October or have a bottle laying around after a birthday bash, you will be surprised at what vodka can do as a cleaning product.

So without further ado here are 5 cleaning tips using vodka.

1. Make an all natural linen spray

Just mix some vodka with distilled water and a drop of your favourite essential oil, pour into a spray bottle to make an all-natural linen spray. Great way of neutralising cigarette smoke or a cooking venture which can produce unwanted odors that penetrate our clothing, just give your clothes a squirt of your linen mix and wait for them to dry and all odors will be gone.

2. Remove streaks from your windows

Did you know a lot of professional window washers often use vodka in their cleaning solutions to eliminate streaks, just mix vodka, white vinegar and water to a spray bottle and spray the solution on to your windows, glass furniture and mirrors, it can even be used on your worktops.

3. Prevent the spread of germs

Winter will soon be with us and with it cold and flu season, keeping our homes germ free becomes a top priority, because of the disinfecting qualities vodka holds it can be used as a great antibacterial agent, mix with water and spray those areas that attract germs the most light switches, door handles, remote controls. The solution is also great for disinfecting worktops and chopping boards that have came in contact with raw eggs or meat.

4. Remove stubborn sticky labels

We all know the pain of trying to remove those stubborn stick labels from items just dab a cotton bud into some vodka and apply it to the sticky are and watch how easy that sticky label comes off.

5. Clean your jewelry

A quick word of warning before using this tip, vodka can damage delicate gems such as opals and pearls, some soft metals can be damaged too. Now we have the warning out of the way, all you have to do is add so vodka to a bowl and drop in your rings, necklaces or earrings and give them a swirl around and dry them off with a clean cloth, for more stubborn jewelry leave to soak in the bowl to loosen up the dirt then use a toothbrush to give them a clean.

So there you have it 5 ways you can use vodka to clean your home.

if you have tried any of these tips or have your own tips to share then please leave us a comment below.