We all love a clean home but some jobs can just become tedious and annoying, so here is 10 home cleaning hacks to help make your life that little bit easier.

1. Remove pesky pet hair with a damp rubber glove

We all love our beloved pets but their fur can be a right royal pain in the proverbial, tired of battling with lint rollers well would you believe me if I tell you there’s a cheap and easy solution. All you need is a damp washing-up glove. Yep! that’s right a simple rubber washing-up glove, the glove can be easily dragged over your soft furnishings like sofas, curtains and can even be used on your clothes to easily remove that pesky animal fur.

2. Easily clean glass & mirrors with a coffee filter

Now, if like me you decided on a whim to buy a coffee maker, then only using it a handful of times before retiring it to the back of the cupboard, never to see the light of day again, you may have a few coffee filters still laying around. Instead of throwing them away, recycle them and use them for cleaning glass and mirrors, no chemicals needed, just give the glass a wipe over with a clean coffee filter – works like a charm.

3. Remove fingerprints from stainless-steel with baby oil

Baby oil isn’t just for your babies bum, it has lots of uses but one in particular use, is the ability to lift grease with ease, get rid of those grubby little fingerprints off your fridge, cooker hood, kettle or any other stainless-steel appliance you may have that needs a polish up. All you need to do is drop a little baby oil on a clean microfiber cloth and give them a wipe over.

4. Stop hoovering up small items using tights

Laddered your tights don’t throw them away! Put the foot of your tights over the nozzle of your vacuum cleaners hose and hoover away, any small items like coins, hair bands, jewellery or god forbid the kids Lego bricks (we know you hoover them up on purpose, we wont tell – honest) will be caught by the tights and not be sucked away into oblivion.

5. Stop you bin smelling by using a fabric softener sheet

Emptied your bin, still smells, annoying isn’t it? well we have a simple solution for you, just pop a fabric softener sheet into your bin alongside the bin bag for an instant air freshener. If your feeling particularly experimental you could try different scented varieties to mix things up a bit.

6. Clean white grubby trainers with some toothpaste

I love white trainers, but don’t they get grubby real quickly? Been for a bit of a muddy hike or took the dog for a walk at the local park, trainers not looking as fresh and new as the day you brought them? Well you can bring your trainers back to life by scrubbing them with toothpaste, and I’m sure some will agree that the slightly minty smell afterwards is an additional bonus.

7. Use a lemon to clean your chopping board

We use our chopping boards a lot and we chop all kinds of stuff on them; joints of meat, vegetables, fruit etc. So won’t be long before your chopping board starts looking a bit worst for wear. This is where the lemon comes in due to the acidic content of lemons they are great for lifting stains and removing smells, if you have a particularly stubborn stain you could add a sprinkle of baking soda on top and scrub away.

8. Use vodka to clean your bathroom

Call me blasphemous if you like! But did you know vodka is great for cleaning porcelain, so if you have some vodka left over from a party and you don’t fancy mixing up a few cocktails with it, dab some onto a soft cloth and give your porcelain fixings a rub down.

9. Use Coke to clean your toilet stains

Coke is great for getting rid of limescale in your toilet, all you do is empty a can of coke into your toilet and leave overnight in the morning give the toilet a quick scrub and flush, voila! a nice sparkling white toilet. If your toilet is really grubby then it maybe best to empty the toilet bowl of all water and add a bottle of coke and leave to soak overnight.

10. Polish your wooden furniture with olive oil

You have probably heard of the health benefits that olive oil can give, but it has many uses around the home too. One use is the ability to polish your wooden furniture. Just add few drops of olive oil to a duster and polish away. You will be surprised at the results.

So there we have it 10 cleaning hacks you can use around your home today, if you have tried any of these hacks then please leave us a comment and let us know how you got on.